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The Craft

       The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne—Chaucer

Meaning arrives slowly,

a song from great distance,

a breeze passing over

ditch water. While it lasts,

you lean into its shiver.


You do not master a craft;

it brushes you with surprise.

And if you tender the tips of

your most hopeless longing,

your most stubborn faults,


craft will bind them into a beauty

so dense, so pure, so rare, so common,

you will find yourself cast into a spell of

amazement and gratitude so deep

you will feel forever young in its thrall.


You do not master a craft;

you are the village fool that fumbles,

falls, breaks the cask: then frees,

attends, willingly surrenders to the genie

everything you have and are:


your seed, your root, your core,

your insatiable need.


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